Hook, line and sinker – for reel!

A judge or jury might not laugh very hard....

A judge or jury might not laugh very hard....


Conspicuous notice?

I recently snapped this photo at a Florida retail store (bait shop/restaurant & marina).  Before hefty fines and expensive lawsuits, this kind of humor was often seen in bars, small and large businesses.  These days even small family owned businesses show more sophistication than this store. It surprised me that no one making money off this business considered the potential calamity of fines and lawsuits. The "grade" sign was featured above the soda refrigerator and the required poster notifying employees of EEO rights peeked out from behind the fishing poles.  I suspect this is a nice business for this family -- I certainly spent lots of money at the marina! Both federal and state governments require employers to post certain signs notifying employees of their rights under the law.  In particular, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission requires employers to post "EEO is the Law" posters notifying all that job discrimination is unlawful based on race, color, sex, national origin, religion, age, equal pay, disability and genetic information.  Employers can get free copies at of the required EEO posters at http://www1.eeoc.gov/employers/poster.cfm or simply call My HR Director and we'll be sure you are current on all postings.  Remember, each state and the U.S. Department of Labor also have employer posting requirements.  This is a matrix of the federal DOL requirements: http://www.dol.gov/oasam/boc/osdbu/sbrefa/poster/matrix.htm      One day, this employer may face a sexual harassment claim from an employee (both men and women can bring these claims).  This sign above the fridge would be unhelpful.  The employer's EEO rights "notice" sign might not really count as 'conspicuous notice' and then the owner would face failure to post fines regardless of whether the owner was found to have discriminated.   Bottom line, this "joke" could take this business down -  hook, line and sinker.

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